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Shopping malls

Gulf Lights professional shop designers work sceanographically in order to build themes into a coherent sequence of events. One of their tools used in the process is light as an intangible medium that allows space to be continuously reinterpreted. Gulf Lights offers an extensive range of lighting tools for the particular requirements of shop design. The intelligence and skill of the designers combine with state-of-the-art lighting tools to produce solutions satisfying the highest aesthetic and functional requirements, yet with low operating costs.

Light performs a number of different functions in a shop. It attracts attention, allows the goods to be seen to their best advantage and helps both orientation and wellbeing. In addition, light serves as a medium for expressing the contents and values of a brand so as to promote brand recognition. It can also be used to accentuate the atmosphere of seasonal themes, such as the seasonally changing collections in the fashion industry.


Outdoor Landscapes

Gulf Lights specializes in landscape lighting design and installation. We have numerous options to suit your needs; we provide services from design to complete installation and everywhere in between.

Healthcare Lightning

Gulf lights is committed to provide specialized lighting solutions for Healthcare environments including patient wards, hospital corridors, consulting rooms, operation theaters, scanning rooms, reception areas for better working conditions, improved productivity and most important patient comfort and well-being.

Gulf Lights employ dedicated team of engineers to look after the energy efficient lighting design; their specialized knowledge and experience ensures the highest level of services throughout the project cycle; from consultation and lighting design, through specification and supply to handover and installation.

This commitment further illustrates Gulf Lights unique approach towards project management in the lighting field


Sky Panels are used in operation theaters, Scanning rooms, work Stations to enjoy better working conditions, improves moods productivity and results

An increasing number of landlords and hoteliers have now recognized the potential of light and architecture.

By providing relevant information, planning and design tips and examples, Gulf Lights helps you exploit this potential by managing the interaction of light in time, space and atmosphere integrating it into a coherent scenography.

Ambient luminescence, focal glow, play  of brilliants: these are the principles of qualitative lighting design. It is only when ambient luminescence focal low and the play of brilliants are combined that a lighting concept is complete. There are always themes and concepts that can be communicated to the guests and customers using spatial and lighting design. To ensure a successful lighting concept for gastronomic settings, it is vital to think in the language 

Stadiums, Tunnels, Highways

In designing the sports facilities Gulf Lights objective is to understand and adapt to the specific clients’ needs by way of defining the right level of lighting, uniformity, comfort and color temperature as per FIFA high definition television regulations to provide the most efficient and appropriate lighting system for recreational sports.

For Roads & Tunnel lighting it is our mission to help our client including Ashghal to increase road safety with high quality and environmentally friendly solution while providing a sustainable return to our valued client. With innovative solutions we help that traffic & individual mobility needs are guaranteed & kept under control in order to work as frictionless as possible. Today & in the future.


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